Hello, November – Our New House Testimony

I’m going into a very busy, but blessed November! We close on our new house tomorrow morning and have our final walkthrough tonight! This house is such a blessing to us and a great reminder that God wants to bless us more than we want His blessings.

When Daniel and I started looking at houses, we weren’t sure what our next step house would look like. We had certain things that we really wanted in our next house, but weren’t sure if our current budget could get it all for us. We looked at one house and decided to go look at it once more before we decided whether or not to put an offer on it. It needed a lot of work, but the price was low enough that we could put the money into fixing it up. I was still hesitant about it, though. I remember telling Daniel in the car after looking at it that I just wasn’t sure if my desires and expectations were out of our price range, or if it was just God saying, “this isn’t it, I’ve got more for you.” We looked at the house once more and then had one more house, on the same street, to look at. It was a little bit more, but had more square footage. We loved the second house. It was more of what I was hoping for in our next house! We thought, “how good is God? Instead of one big living room, He gave us two plus an upstairs loft. He gave us more than we wanted!”

We put an offer on the house and it was one thing after another. The selling agent was playing hardball at every turn and we just could not catch a break. After the inspection, we had a list of things we wanted fixed and Daniel and I kind of decided that if they wouldn’t agree to it, we would probably walk away and void the contract. Well, their response was less than great so I went to look at the house across the street that was for sale by owner. It looked like the same layout as the house we were under contract for. I wanted to compare the two to see if we were getting a good deal and whether or not we should move forward or keep looking. We had about 24 hours to make a decision and Daniel was out of town that day! As I looked at the house across the street, I fell in love with it. Daniel got back into town the next morning and we looked at the other house together… We both were in love with it.

Long story short, we walked away from the original house we were under contract on, and went under contract on the house we’re moving in to. Now this is how good God is. It’s the same layout we loved, but had minor differences that we loved so much more. The original house had no backyard really, and our new house had just been professionally landscaped a few months ago. The original house didn’t have a kitchen pantry, our new house has a nice big pantry. The original house had a very awkward built-in TV/entertainment center that neither of us liked, the new house doesn’t have it – in fact, the owners who built the house didn’t like it either and begged the home builder to do something different with it. Even though there wasn’t another option for this model, they agreed to do a different, open cut out that they offered in different models. God was looking out for us 11 years ago when it was built! And the last one I’ll mention – the original master bathroom had carpet that down the road we wanted to replace with a hardwood look alike vinyl flooring, well… The new house has the exact same flooring Daniel and I wanted!

This is truly the house God put in my heart months ago, and I’m so glad we didn’t settle. Either of the other houses would have been a blessing, but God wanted to give us a better blessing than we had in mind. God is so good. Don’t settle for less than God’s best for you. In any area of life. God wants to bless us abundantly.

“You crown the year with Your goodness,
and Your paths drip with abundance.” Psalm 65:11

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