Seeing Your Victory & Speaking It Forth

Life is full of choices. We have multiple decisions to make each day and each choice we make results in an outcome. Sometimes these decisions are easy like what to eat, but others can be more difficult. In a spiritual sense, God has already given us the perfect answer – He says to choose life (Deut 30:19). This verse says to choose life so that we not only live but also our descendants.

I remember all the sleepless nights I cried longing for a baby. Each month only brought more sorrow and frustration. But then I decided to choose joy. I decided that I was going to believe what the Bible says, and choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I remember thinking about the victory and seeing it before it happened. I imagined myself sharing my story of God’s goodness and faithfulness as my children played. I remember imagining and seeing myself telling others about my children. I wasn’t even pregnant, but I saw the victory in my spirit. I began prophesying about my children as if I had already given birth to them in the natural. God started showing me things about them, too. He put it in my heart that my firstborn would be joyful and love His Word even from the womb. My daughter (firstborn) is so joyful! She is full of contagious joy! When I was pregnant with her and could feel her kicks from inside the womb, she was always kicking and dancing when she heard the Word of God. As a baby, she loved the Bible and smiled and clapped when I spoke the Word over her. One of her favorite songs was It Is Well by Kristene DiMarco. She would lift her hands in worship while she “sang” along. She’s now 5 and loves the Word just as much! She frequently walks around preaching and prays for family and friends when they’re hurt or not feeling well. The Word is being sown in her heart and she already has an obvious relationship with the Lord. It’s amazing to see the things God told me about her before I was even pregnant actually happening in the natural.

While we were still waiting for our child of promise, I remember very clearly these words God spoke to my heart – “You can do this in the natural, or you can do this My way.” I realized I had a decision to make. And I decided to do it His way. As usual, God was right and His way is perfect. I received my first child of promise, and now have 3 beautiful babies who all love the Lord. Neither of my other children were a struggle to get pregnant with. I believe I’m fully receiving the promises I chose to believe for – children God’s way.

Seeing Your Victory & Speaking It ForthMy point in sharing this is simple… You need to see your victory with your spiritual eyes and then speak it forth! It’s not a formula. You have to truly see the victory and faith will rise causing you to speak differently about your situation. “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17. What are you hearing? Are you reading your Bible regularly? Not because you have to, but because it is life and full of your answers. It is God’s love story to you. It is God’s very own heart and words to you. When we hear God’s Word, faith comes. When faith comes, our own words and actions start changing resulting in a shift in our natural circumstances. God’s Word is life, and we know that God tells us life is the correct answer and to choose it so that we and our descendants may live. Do you see yourself and your children healthy? Do you see yourself blessed and prosperous? If not, you need to see yourself and your children through God’s eyes. As mothers, we have so many opportunities to speak life or death over our children. We can bless them or curse them with a simple word. We also have many trials we have to overcome as mothers, too. When a negative situation arises, we need to be prepared and armed with the Word of God to see the victory.

There is so much more I could say on this, but I’ll just leave it at this for now. Sow God’s Word into your heart, and agree with His Words. If the words you’re speaking don’t sound like the words God speaks in the Bible, then we need to change how we speak. God wants life and life more abundantly for you. Agree with Him and see yourself blessed!

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