This Is Not My Body

This is my daughter. She was 6 weeks, 3 days. She already had a beating heart that was strong and clear. It was incredible to hear her heart beating within the safety of my womb. It was a miracle.

I share this because I want people to see what human life looks like even at just 6 weeks into pregnancy. At this stage, most women are just discovering they are pregnant. A baby’s heart is most likely already functional and beating before we know we’re pregnant.

Today’s culture says this isn’t life yet. Tell that to the woman who heard her child’s heartbeat this early in development. Today’s culture says it’s the woman’s right to choose what to do because it’s “her” body. Well, I can assure you this little baby in the photo is NOT my body. It is a body all of it’s own. It is a human life. It is a miracle.

This is also my daughter at right around 8 weeks 2 days. She had arms and legs and I watched her move independently as the doctor did the ultrasound. This is not my body.

This is my daughter at just under 20 weeks. She has all human likeness and all her major organs are functioning. They are still developing, but they are there and functioning. At this ultrasound, my husband and I laughed as we watched our baby jump, dance, twirl, play with her hands, open and close her mouth, and live. She was clearly a human being independent from me. This is not my body.

This is my daughter just two weeks before her full term birth. This is not my body.

This is my daughter just hours after she was delivered safely by C-section. I had complications during my labor, and there were safety and health concerns for both my health and my daughter’s.

When will this madness end? If a life isn’t valued or even recognized hours prior to birth, what is stopping this absurd culture from saying life isn’t life any time after birth? I am not a doctor, but I know and have read articles by medical professionals admit that there’s no reason for abortion to save a woman’s life. Abortions are performed out of convenience for a woman. I feel for the women who face this challenge. I know how scary pregnancy and the unknowns of motherhood can be. I understand not everyone has a support system. But taking a life should not be a right or even a choice. Regardless of the circumstances, these pre-born babies need to be valued and seen for who they truly are – human life.

There are options available to women who are facing an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. Here is a link to Save The Storks website. They offer so much for free to women in these situations. This post is not affiliated with Save The Storks in anyway – I just wanted to provide an option and hope to any woman reading this who needs an option and someone in her corner.

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