Nothing Is Impossible For God

In December of 2016, I sat down in the rocking chair we had in our nursery. We didn’t have a baby, and I wasn’t even pregnant yet, but we had started preparing the room in faith. We painted the walls, we bought a glider/rocking chair, and had just ordered a baby crib. My womb was empty. But we were filling the room because we knew one day the baby we prayed for would use it.

It had been a little over a year since we first started trying to get pregnant. And I was starting to get more and more discouraged. Until this particular December day. I sat down in the rocking chair like I had many times before. I opened my Bible and just started crying. I asked God for answers, and He lead me to a specific verse in the Bible.

I had read this Bible verse countless times before. But I got a revelation from it in a way I never had before. I had to reread it a few times and then I went back a few verses and read it all in context. This verse is used often for healing or prosperity, but it’s the angel, Gabriel talking about the conception of a child. Then I realized nothing – giving me a child – was not impossible or even difficult for God. It was this scripture that really set me free from fear of never having a baby. I remember telling myself that I would have a child no matter how long it took, or have challenging it might seem. I would be a mother and I would have as many babies as I wanted.

I immediately started writing down things God was putting on my heart and the revelation I was receiving. And I put them in a blog post on an old blog. Though, I wrote it in a way no one would know I was talking about having a baby, I wrote it down. Here is that post.

“Lord, why does this seem so impossible?” These were the words I found myself asking God in my quiet time. There are things that just seem impossible. And maybe they are. Maybe in this world and in the natural things are impossible. There’s a limit to what can and cannot be done.

“Nothing’s impossible for Me,” answered the Lord in a gentle voice. I was reminded that I serve a God who knows no bounds. He is limitless. He is not tied to the natural realm. I serve a God who can do anything. A supernatural God who creates universes with just His words. Isn’t it marvelous to just think about? When you look around and see what the words of God can create, it’s breathtaking. This is probably why God told Abraham to look up at the stars and try to count them… to remind Abraham who He was and what He can do.

God is so patient with us. He is not in a hurry. He doesn’t mind meeting us where we’re at. He is loving towards us and wants only the best for us. There may be waiting involved, but the promise is so much greater than the wait. The waiting is just our preparation time. It’s true what they say… preparation time is never wasted time. I’m learning to take this preparation time and just enjoy it. This is all part of the journey.

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” – Matthew 6:27 (ESV)

I can worry and fuss all I want, but it hasn’t changed anything yet! All of my fears, anxiety, and stress won’t do anything but make the waiting that much harder. When I just lean back and enjoy God… that’s when things feel different. True, the situation doesn’t change, but our perspective sure does. When I’m just thankful and rejoicing in the Lord is when the waiting doesn’t hurt. And it’s easier to trust God, let go, and let Him.

Next time you start to think your situation is hopeless and impossible, look up! Look up at the stars and be reminded of who your God is. Look up and remember that you serve a God who can do all things, and nothing is too hard for Him.

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