Trying To Get Pregnant & What God Has To Say About It

I wanted to share a topic today that so many women struggle with at some point or another. Trying to get pregnant, TTC, trying, etc. It seems there are two extremes – those who can’t help or stop getting pregnant and those who try everything and still can’t carry a baby to term successfully. It’s supposed to be one of the most incredible and happy times of a woman’s life, but so many are left hurting and confused. I’ve been there. Month after month of disappointment and hurt. Another pregnancy test and another negative. When will my positive come? Will I ever have a child? What’s wrong with me? These are all questions I’ve asked myself.

My road to motherhood looked like that. Questions, hurt, pain, and confusion. Finally, I turned to God for the answers. And that’s when things changed. I went from struggle and hurt, to ease and joy.

When we were trying to get pregnant, it wasn’t so much that I had a lot of scriptures I stood on at first, but mostly just revelations God gave me. My sister-in-law had mentioned that everyone in the Bible who asked for a child got at least one child. And then I really related to Hannah in Bible because I knew how it felt to “weep bitterly” and long for a child like that. But what finally did it for me was one December day while praying, God took me to Luke 1:37 (For with God nothing shall be impossible). I have heard and read that scripture so many times, but it hit me that in context it was speaking about conceiving a child! And then Mary’s response was so incredibly powerful. She agreed with it and said, “let it be to ME according to YOUR WORD!” Then I started looking up scriptures about having babies and speaking them out and saying “let it be to me according to Your Word, Lord!” This was the turning point. I knew that I was going to have children and no power in hell could stop me! I decided right then and there to stop crying and start believing the Word of God. I decided I was not going to cry next month if another test was negative, or if it took 25 more years – I was going to BE a mother and I knew it. I saw it in the Word and I was going to cling on to it and claim it.

The joy of the Lord is your strength and so just be joyful because His promises are yes and amen!!! Be thankful. Thank Him right now for your children! I literally got to a point after my miscarriage but before we got pregnant with Olivia, where I would literally prophesy over my future babies. God had already told me so much about Olivia before she was even conceived, and I spoke it out! Your faith will speak! Ask God to tell you about your babies. He will tell you things about them. I knew Olivia would be joyful and that she would be funny before I ever saw it in the natural. God told me my baby would know Him from the womb and would love His Word from the womb. So I would speak that out too!

Anytime the enemy comes against you or you hear a lie, just speak the truth. When you hear, “you’re never going to get pregnant.” You say, “He blesses the fruit of my body! He is not withholding any good thing from me. He grants the barren woman a home and makes her a joyful mother!” When you hear, “it’s going to take years of trying and crying.” You say, “in God’s perfect timing, it will happen!” When you hear, “you might get pregnant but you’ll probably have a miscarriage.” You say, “God says I will NOT suffer a miscarriage or be barren. AND I will fulfill the number of my days!” When the doctors say, “you will never be able to have children, or it’s almost impossible for you to get pregnant.” You say, “with man it is impossible, but with God NOTHING is impossible!”

I could literally see myself giving my testimony while my babies played. God is good and don’t let the enemy steal this joy from you! These are just some of the scriptures in the Bible that you can stand on. The Bible is full of God’s promises for children! Don’t give up – your child of promise is coming!

Luke 1:45
Exodus 23:26
Deuteronomy 28:2, 4, 11
Deuteronomy 7:9, 13-15
I Samuel 2:5 (even the barren has borne seven)
I Samuel 12:16
Psalm 59:16
I Chronicles 17:23πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Psalm 1:3
Job 23:13-14
Proverbs 10:22
Psalm 18:30
Psalm 34:9-10
Psalm 127:3
Psalm 37:25
Psalm 91
Psalm 92:13-15
Psalm 112
Psalm 113:9
Psalm 115:14

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