Favorite Christmas Gifts For Littles

I have put together a list of some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas for little ones. Hopefully, it will at least give you a good starting point. I know everyone has a gift idea list on their blog, but now so do I! Most of these are items I have personally used or bought. So it probably features more girly items. Once you hit about 6 months, so much depends on baby’s personal development, so these age ranges are just a frame of reference for you. Obviously, each toy has recommended ages as well to consider. All photos are from the sites they’re linked to. Just click on a picture and it will take you to that item.

3 months and under:

At this age, they don’t understand what’s going on and really don’t do much. Practical gifts are always nice, but you can always start looking ahead at what baby will need/want in the months to come.

Sleepers or pajamas

I loved these sleep sacks in the winter months and they come in all kinds of cute colors and patterns.


Books are a great gift! Who doesn’t love snuggling up with their little one to read to them? Here are some of our favorite books.

This is our favorite book, and our favorite Bible for kids. The illustrations aren’t my favorite (just not my style), but this is the most well written children’s Bible I’ve seen. Every story points to Jesus, and that’s so neat to me.

My daughter LOVED crinkle books! This was her favorite crinkle, though.

This one is very cute!

Rattles, teethers, and other smaller toys

This was a favorite because it was brightly colored, small enough for her to hold, and of course… Made noise! It comes in other colors as well.

I got this for my daughter’s first Christmas stocking. She was 3 months old, and this was such a hit! It’s a teether, first toothbrush, and is the perfect size for those tiny hands to hold onto.

Bigger toys and play mats

Play mats are wonderful for babies who aren’t mobile yet. We had one similar to this and Olivia loved it.

We got this a little late in the game, but it was great! We only had it for a few weeks before Olivia started rolling all over the place, so it was harder to keep her on it. But I wish I would have bought it sooner, or put it on my baby registry because it was a nice place to lay her for tummy time or even just to lay her down in general without being directly on the floor. I know you could easily lay a blanket on the floor instead of spending so much money on this, and that’s what we did, but this was padded and so much softer than a blanket. We actually only bought it because we had a gift card we had idea what to spend it on (Babies R Us right as they were going out of business) and we saw a friend using this.

We never had one of these water tummy time mats, so I can’t personally share any feedback or review it. However, I wish I had tried one. Olivia never really liked being on her tummy while playing, but I think if she had had one of these it would have held her attention more than laying toys in front of her.

4-6 months:

Musical toys:

We LOVE Baby Einstein toys around here. They are easily some of our favorite toys. We have this one and it’s a huge hit. The middle is mesh so it’s easy for baby to push it and play music. All of the piano keys and guitar strings play music and will play by a simple touch, so it’s great for even little babies who don’t have enough strength to push a button.

This toy right here… Olivia’s all time FAVORITE! I don’t think she has played with any other toy more than this one. She’s 14 months old and still plays with this one over other toys.

Accessories for “big food:”

Bibs, plates, spoons, etc.

We love these bibs because I have a messy eater and somehow she manages to get food EVERYWHERE. I joke with husband about how I’m going to bring her little plastic bathtub down to our kitchen so I can just bathe her after every meal. I’m half serious about it too. And I love how I can just throw these bibs in the washing machine and air dry. That’s a huge plus. These also come in different patterns.

Sitting, standing and walking toys:

Okay, so some of these are more in the 6-8 months age range, but I decided to throw it in here because by 9-12 months, these may not be all that useful.

This is another one I personally did not have, but thought I’d throw it in here because I do know people who love these!

We don’t have this exact exersaucer, but this is very similar to the one we have. Olivia still enjoys sitting it in from time to time. Ours plays music and our little musician can’t help but follow the music. This one is adjustable and the chair goes around in circles manually so baby can reach all the toys.

This isn’t the same one we have – I couldn’t find the one we have. I guess it’s an older model (I bought it off a buy, sell, trade group on Facebook). This one is Baby Einstein, though, and a friend of ours has it and it’s great! Our standing activity table is one of Olivia’s favorties. Even when she’s not standing up playing with it, she leans over and pushes on the buttons so she has music to dance to while doing other things 😂

These stacking cups were, and still are, a hit.

7-15 months:

Olivia has a shopping cart she loves to push around… And mostly sit on top of its side! So little grocery items are great! This is on her wish list this year.

Olivia has a grocery basket of toy food like this one and she LOVES plays with it all! She loves to make cheeseburgers, actually 😂

This is also on Olivia’s wish list this year for Christmas.

Olivia got one of these Anywhere Chairs for her birthday and she loves it!

Olivia got this purse and this one for her birthday and both are well loved. She usually has one in the house and one in the car to play with while driving. Like any girly girl… You can never have too many purses 😉

Hope you enjoyed this list of gift ideas! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Also, this is not a paid post. I’m not making any money from this, and I’m not partnered or affiliated with Amazon or anyone else. This is my own opinion and reviews of the listed items.

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