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Thankful November – 4 Bible Verses For Kids

A few months ago, I started working on memory verses with my kids. I had no real plan when I started other than wanting to sow the Word in their hearts. They ended up being able to memorize about one verse each week. Some verses were a little more difficult for them so we just keep reciting them until they had it.

Now that November is here, I thought I’d create and share this scripture resource with you all. There are 4 Bible verses talking about thankfulness, and you should be able to just print the picture/file off. Each week you can practice and recite a Bible verse and talk about it with your kids. Hopefully, you find this a great and easy way to sow the Word in their hearts and discuss the importance of thankfulness with them.

We practice in the mornings during or after breakfast and then talk about the meaning of the verse. As I mentioned, we can usually do one verse a week, but our goal is to know the verse and what it means. So take as much time as necessary. Go as fast or slowly as you want or need. The goal is to get the Word in them!


P.S. The verses are now updated! I accidentally put the same verse twice with two different references. It’s corrected and updated now.

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