For Such A Time As This

I know a lot of people are concerned about the future of our country (the United States). I know a lot of people are afraid to have children because they don’t know what kind of world they will bring them into. I genuinely had the same thought cross my mind these past few weeks. But then I felt the Lord lay these words on my heart – “You and your children were born for such a time as this.”

We don’t have to fear what world our children will be born in, grow up in, or have to live in. They were created for this time. They were created and designed by God to be born at this moment in time. God has called them and has plans for them. There is no need to fear. God did not overlook anything in His creation. When He knits our children in our wombs, He already knows the plans and purposes for them, as well as all the factors regarding their lifetime. He needs us for such a time as this. He needs mothers and fathers who will stand in faith to raise up a godly generation.

My children were born for this place and time. God has called them to do great exploits for Him during such a time as this. God will be with them just as He was with every generation that’s gone before us. Our job as parents is to help our children become the men and women God has created them to be, so that they can do all that God has for them to do. I will not fear this world or anything or anyone in it. I know who my God is, and because I know who He is… whom then shall I fear?

Get the Word of God in the hearts of your children. Pray over them. Speak life over them. Teach them right from wrong. But most of all, teach them who God is, how to hear His voice, and how to value His Word (the Bible).

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