Joovy Qool Stroller FAQ

Joovy Qool FAQsI get asked A LOT about my stroller, and I LOVE answering everyone’s questions about it! Therefore, I decided to make a Q&A post of the stroller with some of the most asked questions I get about it. I hope to one day create a video review/tutorial, but I’m not entirely sure how I would go about it for various reasons. Most importantly, I’d prefer to do it inside since I don’t have all the necessary equipment to do a decent one outside, but I don’t want to bring the stroller inside onto my carpet (we had new carpet installed all throughout our house when we moved in and we don’t ever have shoes or anything on it).

Anyway, back to the Q&A about the stroller. First all of, if you haven’t already read it, you should check out my full honest review of the Joovy Qool. I tried to be thorough and think about what I would have liked to know about the stroller when stroller shopping. So I’m hoping that between my full review and this FAQs post, you’ll know just about all you’ll ever want to know about the stroller. There will be some overlapping, though, so just know that if you decide to read both the review and FAQs. I also always recommend trying strollers out in person if at all possible. What I like, you may not like. What doesn’t bother me, may really bother you. So it’s definitely worth a trip to a store like Buy Buy Baby to try out multiple strollers and styles to compare and see what you like and dislike about each one.

FAQs about the Joovy Qool

Is it really worth the price? Yes, in my opinion, it is totally worth the price. After testing various strollers in different price ranges, the Qool is absolutely worth the price. Even the Graco Modes Duo is about $330, which isn’t as much money as the Qool, but still a lot of money. However, the Graco is horrible to push, heavy, and clunky. Also, keep in mind that we bought most of the extra accessories for the stroller. All you need to make it a double is the frame, second seat and front adapters which adds up to be about $530. So it’s like a $200 price difference. Obviously, if $200 more isn’t in the budget, then you gotta do what you gotta do!

How’s the quality? Great, solid stroller. I’ve never felt like it might break or that it’s flimsy. Ever. I will say, if you’re used to expensive, high end strollers (like an Uppababy), you may very well have a different opinion. I’ve had a few different strollers, but this is the most high end stroller I’ve ever owned or used. But the Qool is a well loved, often recommended double stroller in the stroller group I belong to on Facebook.

How many configurations does it have? Joovy’s website says over “50 ways to customize.” This number includes all the extras like the second seat, bench, tote, bassinet and car seat attachment. You can read more about the different accessories and configurations here. Needless to say, there’s a lot that you can do with this stroller! I’ve used it as a single in all the different single positions, and a double with a seat and car seat, or a car seat and bench in various ways. I’m just now starting to use it with both regular seats haven’t yet used both seats. Here’s the main three configurations I’ve used – The top and bottom left have been my go-to configurations. Olivia would have more room if I always put the car seat on the front adapters like the bottom right photo, but I like using the bottom left configuration for tighter spaces like the doctor’s office.


Is it easy to push/steer? Yes! Oh my goodness, this is so easy to push and steer. I frequently push and steer it with one hand in the multiple configurations, including double mode. It turns on a dime. It’s so smooth, it glides. I have very rarely had issues getting it through aisles or crowds. I can easily maneuver it through almost any situation. The only situation where I haven’t absolutely loved the push is on long walks around our neighborhood. We’re finally starting to have some nice, warm days here in Colorado, so I just started taking the kids on walks around our neighborhood, and we have several hills (all different sizes) and I do think a side by side is easier to push. I actually bought a side by side Baby Trend double jogging stroller just for walks around the block. I much prefer the push on the side by side up the hills, but prefer my Qool for everything else.

Do you have to remove everything to fold it? Yes and no. The most compact fold is just the frame itself, but it can be folded with some of the attachments left on. I have folded mine with the bench and car seat attachment on, the bench by itself, the car seat attachment by itself, and one seat on. I can’t fold it with a seat and car seat attachment on, though. However, it’s not hard to disassemble and reassemble. I usually fold it with both the car seat attachment and bench left on and then lay the regular seat on top of it in the back of my trunk. It’s a little trickier with both seats, but I’ve also only had both seats once.

How difficult is it to attach everything? Not very difficult. I have actually managed to disassemble and reconfigure almost everything with one hand while sending a Marco Polo message to a friend who had questions about the stroller. I did like a mini video review for her and I had to hold the phone in one hand while showing her how everything worked. It’s pretty easy. Especially once you’ve done it a few times. The ease of disassembling and reassembling it all is actually one of the reasons I chose this stroller. It was so much easier to put together than other strollers.

What’s the weight limits on the seat and stroller? Each seat, and the bench, can hold up to 55lbs. and a total weight of 135lbs.

How heavy is it, and is it difficult to lift and carry? Once again, yes and no. All double strollers are heavy in my opinion, but it’s definitely less bulky than others like it. I’m petite. I’m only 5’0″ and I can lift, carry and load/unload it into my car without much difficulty. For comparison, the stroller itself weighs 30lbs, the Graco Modes Duo weighs 50lbs.

How is it for taller/older kids? The seats are definitely on the shorter side in my opinion, but Olivia fit best in these seat than in other strollers like the City Select. These seats do not have adjustable footrests, but we’re used to the cheaper strollers like Graco that don’t usually offer those kinds of things anyway, so it doesn’t bother us. The shade on the seat is tall enough, though, that even if your child’s head is above the headrest, it should still easily fit underneath the sun shade. So, once again, I suggest trying it out in store and compare it to other strollers to see what you think and what you like.

What car seats are compatible with the Qool? Several. Here’s a chart from Joovy’s website that shows which car seats are compatible with their different strollers.

How does it compare to the City Select? I did try out both the City Select (I can’t remember if we looked at the regular City Select or the Lux) and the Qool and compared them a bit since I thought for sure I was going to buy the CS. In short, I found them to be similar, but the Qool won for a few big reasons.

  • The Qool was much easier to fold. I finally gave up trying to fold the CS because I couldn’t do it, and while trying to fold it I thought it was going to break. When I folded the Qool, it just folded.
  • The Qool felt lighter and easier to lift and carry. Once again, I’m very short, so it was so important for me to feel like I could easily lift and carry my stroller without Daniel’s help. I couldn’t even figure out a way to try to get the CS off the ground. Granted I was about 7 months pregnant at the time, but I still found a way to lift the Qool. Since I was so pregnant, I did not fully lift or carry any stroller while at Buy Buy Baby, just so you know.
  • The Qool seemed to have a lot more space between the two regular seats than the CS. I felt like Olivia was super squished in the CS.
  • The CS was LONG. It was so long. It felt like I was trying to push a limo. The Qool, while still longer than a single stroller, felt closer to a regular stroller size.
  • The Qool was so much easier to push and steer. I felt comfortable pushing and steering the Qool while the CS felt awkward and a lot harder to push/steer.
  • It was so difficult trying to attach/detach the seats and attachment on the CS. In fact, one of the seats got stuck while we were testing it out. I later read on a Facebook stroller group I belong to that this is a common issue with CS. As mentioned above, I can attach/detach the Qool attachments with one hand for the most part.

Okay, so I guess there were a lot of reasons I preferred the Qool over the City Select.

What’s you favorite configuration? Right now, it’s a toss up between the car seat in the highest position with the bench, and the regular car seat and regular seat configuration. I like the bench position mentioned for narrow, small spaces like the doctor’s office. It’s the size of a single stroller in this configuration. For regular use, I like Olivia to have her own full seat. I’ve only taken it out with the two regular seats once, so I still need to play with it more with two seats. But I’ll probably end up liking both seat facing forward/out best.

What’s the most practical configuration? It really depends on what you need it for and the situation. My go-to configurations are mentioned above, but it really depends. Also, I honestly don’t have a great answer since I haven’t personally used all the different configurations. I’ve only used about 6 out of the 50. And I don’t have all the accessories like the bassinet and tote to actually be able to try out all the 50+ configurations. However, I do think you just have to think about your situation and what you need it for. Do you need to go grocery shopping so you need easy access to the basket? Do you need or want one seat to lay totally flat for a sleeping baby?

Is it good as double stroller? Absolutely! That’s why I bought it. I needed a double stroller, and I loved this one for all the reasons I’ve already mentioned. I love how smooth it is, how easy it is to configure, I love how versatile it is, I love the canopy, etc. If you want to know more about why I love this stroller, read my full review.

Is it good as a single stroller? I love it as a single stroller. We used it as a single for about a month before my son was born. It was wonderful. However, I do think it’s worth noting that if I was in the market for just a single stroller, I may have a different opinion. I bought the Qool because I was in the market for a double stroller. I wasn’t looking for a single stroller and there are so many options for a single. The fact that the Qool can be a single, double or triple stroller is just icing on the cake.

So there it is – my Joovy Qool FAQs post. I hope it was helpful, and don’t forget to check out my full review.


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