Little Man – Easter Style Ideas

I’ve shared some of my favorite Easter style ideas for baby/toddler girls already, but also wanted to share some for little men. Here are some of my favorite ideas for how I would dress my own little man if I had one! I do need to tell you, though, I love traditional looks. My husband has already told me that if our second baby is a boy I cannot dress him like prince George. Because he knows I totally would! Little shorts with knee-high socks are so cute on little boys! But anyway, this list will include other styles as well.

Also, this was much harder than the girls post. For a boy, I’d prefer to piece different items together as opposed to just buying sets. For you boy moms… Wow! You have it so much harder to dress your kids. I could buy a dress for my daughter for $10, but for a boy it’s cost me like triple if I wanted something extra, extra cute.

This is such a cute little combo. Although, I think for an older baby/toddler I’d do regular pants instead of these snap pants. $40, but Gap always has deals going on.

I love little oxfords for boys! They are too cute! Pair this with a sweater vest and some corduroys👌🏻

Speaking of sweater vests… How cute is this one?! On sale for $21 right now.

Here’s my traditional, British little boy look I just love oh, so much! $14.99!

How cute is this set?! On sale for $17 and once again, Old Navy/Gap Brands always have good sales going on and you can use reward points if your a cardholder.

This is a cute little onesie with bowtie! On sale right now, too.

LOVE little boat shoes!

$7 right now!! Such a cute pair of little shorts!

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