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Dress The Bump – My Favorite Maternity Stores

I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to buy maternity clothing. I know a lot of people hate maternity clothes, but I’m not one of them. I happen to love maternity clothes! They can get expensive, though, especially if you want cute clothes.

Some people try to make their regular clothes fit as long as possible, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I could not wait to go maternity clothes shopping with my first, though, because I was finally pregnant! And honestly, I got so big so fast I had to get at least some maternity pants. Also, in my experience, you only stretch out your regular clothes and then they don’t fit correctly once you’ve had the baby.

Along the way, I found some great stuff in different price ranges and learned how to find great styles at great prices. I definitely overpaid on my first maternity shopping spree. I just went to a maternity speciality store and bought everything at full price – free tip – Do not pay full price. I learned this one the hard way. You don’t ever need to pay full price for maternity clothes at a maternity speciality store. I’ve found with both my pregnancies that, unfortunately, maternity stuff doesn’t always go on sale or at least not good sales. But they do go on sale, or you can buy similar styles elsewhere. When I was pregnant with Olivia I was still working full-time, so I had more of a cute, dressy wardrobe. This pregnancy, I’ve definitely gone for comfort. I’m a stay at home mom with an active toddler so leggings, a tee shirt and a sweatshirt or jacket have been my go-to outfits this time around.

There are several places to buy maternity clothes My first maternity shopping trip I went to Motherhood Maternity. I thought that’s about the only place to find maternity clothes. At least cute styles. But I was wrong. I later discovered so many other places to buy maternity clothes from. I’ve also learned I’m actually not even a huge fan of Motherhood’s clothes. I still buy their stuff at times, but they are almost never my favorite pieces. But anyway… here are some of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes.

Gap and Old Navy have maternity clothes and you can easily shop online. If you’re a Gap Brand cardholder, you can save a ton of money here! Not every location has a maternity section, though, so if you want to try on in store, call before you drive over. None of the locations in my city have a maternity section so that’s a little disappointing. But most things can be returned in store in spite of not having a maternity section.

Ross Dress for Less and Burlington Coat Factory have maternity sections (at least all the locations in my city do) and you can find amazing deals here! As Michael Scott puts it, “you go in there (Burlington Coat Factory) with $645 dollars, you are literally a king.” I bought my favorite nursing bras at Burlington for like $7. I bought distressed maternity jeans at Ross for $12!

Walmart and Target both have small maternity sections in store and online. I’m not really impressed with any of Walmart’s maternity stuff, but it’s cheap! Target on the other hand… I’ve bought some of my favorite pieces here. They used to carry a brand that made my all time favorite, can’t find a replacement anywhere nursing camisole. Sadly they don’t carry them anymore, though, and I cannot find them anywhere else. It was the Gilligan and O’Malley nursing camisole tanks. They were incredible. My favorite basic tee is from the Ingrid and Isabel maternity line at Target. They cannot be beat!

Pinkblush Maternity has some of the cutest styles I’ve ever seen! They are pricey, but I only buy their sale or clearance items. They used to offer free shipping on all orders in the US which made it an even better deal, but now only have free shipping on orders $50 or more. Which totally bums me out! I honestly haven’t even bought anything from them since they changed the shipping policy because I personally don’t find it worth it once you add in the cost of shipping. But they’re definitely worth mentioning and checking out.

Macy’s.com has some really good finds! You can find several different brands and price ranges here and they frequently go on sale. I’ve bought some super cute Seraphine brand dresses for under $40 which is crazy inexpensive for a brand pregnant Kate Middleton wears frequently. They also have brands like A Pea in the Pod, Jessica Simpson, Motherhood Maternity, etc. So if you want the more expensive brands without paying full price, Macy’s is a great place to look.

Happy shopping!


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